What is Hacer noche?

HacerNoche is many things altogether. We operate as a hybrid between festival, exhibition, biennial and party. We are not interested in “curatorial initiatives”, social justice as simulation,  nor are we dictated by the globetrotting elite. We have no fixed form or duration. We are a symptom of generational ambiguity and lack of definition.


The first edition of HacerNoche: Crossing Night emerged in 2017 as an accident of three friends (Paola, Dario and Francisco) in conversation with Ignacio Toscano †, Paloma Porraz, Peet Pienaar and Ery Cámara; in collaboration with the Ministry of Cultures and Arts of Oaxaca, the A4 Arts Foundation of South Africa, and with the generous help of Amigos del IAGO y el CFMAB A.C.


HacerNoche happens in Oaxaca and its surroundings –why not? -.

We are interested in collaborating with state institutions, recognizing the role that these cultural spaces have played during the last 30 years in the development of community relations.


We understand gratuity as a fundamental element to guarantee a more equal access to culture. Following this premise, we seek to generate a redistribution of cultural capital and facilitate access to it, as well as stimulate local artistic production and give it international projection through open calls and exhibition projects.



We fundamentally believe in historical institutions, autonomous initiatives and above all that the public are a priority for the public.


Our commitment is to our audiences. We don’t make projects for everyone. We make projects for anyone. We believe in the right to culture. We also believe in the right to leisure, the right to fun. We believe that those rights are one and the same.



The public belongs to the public.